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DATE : 2019-2020


TYPE : Appartement 5 pièces

SURFACE : 115 m2


Description :

This apartment is located on the edge of Lake Moubra, in lush greenery. The clients wanted to create a 5-room apartment in this 70s 4-room apartment by using the lofts and all the corridors.

The apartment was completely stripped bare and all non-load-bearing walls were demolished. All spaces have been redesigned, which has allowed us to add an additional bedroom. We have also enlarged several skylights to provide light in a bathroom and in the old kitchen which has been transformed into a bedroom.

The apartment has been dressed in old wood and fabrics to give it a very warm appearance. To keep the same line of conduct in the bathrooms, we chose imitation wood tiling that we associated with gray tiling. The floor of the living room and the kitchen is in stone with a thoughtful layout for each room. The result is worthy of a Swiss chalet.



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